What we do


We deliver complete technical and feasibility studies, basic and advanced designs up to tender documents preparation and business plans. Among the services we offer, Owner’s engineering service is the one that made us known for the high competence and experience.


ESE supports industries who wish to reduce the carbon footprint of their production.

We start by analyzing the production processes and energy supply of the client developing a full map of their electrical and thermal consumption. From there, we study the possible ways to optimize the production processes, to reduce energy consumption and to transition from fossil fuels to sustainable sources, developing a customized solution based on the client’s requirements and constraints, with the objective to reduce the environmental impact and the overall cost of energy.

We also provide support for ESG classification and taxonomy.


ESE supports the investors in the Due Diligence of existing plants, analysing the plant conditions and estimating the expected remaining life and the values of the assets.
We also execute rehabilitation studies, evaluating the possible plant improvements and the relevant economic and performance impact.
Moreover, ESE performs Due Diligence of projects under development to verify the status of the initiative, including technical, economic and environmental review.


Energy audit​s

ESE performs Energy Audits for power/industrial installations, performing the analysis of the plant’s processes and the relevant heat/cold and power needs, and reviewing the electrical and thermal consumptions with the aim tooptimize the processes, reduce energy consumptions andimprove total energy conversion efficiency.


ESE provides Project Management services for energy production and storage, be it design, study or construction projects. For construction projects we complement the project management with all the typical function of an EPC Contractor (engineering, planning, cost control, QA/QC, construction management…) to provide customers EPCM services.


Owner’s engineering

ESE providesOwner’s engineering servicesfor energy production and storage plants as its core business.

Our services include:

  • Feasibility studies and cost estimations
  • Tender phase Owner’s Engineer including tender documents, bids’ alignment and support to negotiation
  • Post contract Owner’s Engineer including design review, project management, site supervision



ESE assists banks and financial bodies with lenders’ technical advisory to the lender, including initial assessment of project risks from a technical, economical, planning, environmental, organizational, contractual and permitting standpoint; execution LTA with progress follow-up, quality follow-up, cost follow-up, certification of drawdown and disbursement requests.


Tender services

ESE assists contractors of energy generation and storage projects during tender process, on one side developing the designs and cost estimations as necessary for preparation of the bid, on the other side assisting in preparing and packaging the technical and commercial documents as requested by the tender.


We cover the whole span of engineering from conceptual through basic to execution. Additionally, we support advanced engineering activities with the services below.


R&D activities

ESE has provided engineering support to Research and Development activities since a long time, with the double aim to help development of new technologies and keep in line with the most advanced industry findings.

We can support you among others in the following fields:

  • CO2 power cycles
  • Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Power-to-gas applications (Hydrolysis and fuel enrichment with hydrogen, methanation)


Dynamic simulation

ESE can develop dynamic models of entire power plants or specific sections, with the following objectives:

  • Definition of control system and operating procedures
  • Troubleshooting of existing plants
  • Virtual commissioning and functional verifications
  • Study of thermal transients as a support to lifetime calculations

ESE is capable of delivering fully functional dynamic models, for its Customers to independently study the system behavior.


Technology review

ESE supports investors in the due diligence and risk assessment of innovative energy generation and storage technologies, including evaluation of the concept, assessment of technology and manufacturing readiness levels, analysis of pilot plants operation if any, techno-economic and pricing assessment, assessment of actual projects’ business plan and risks if any.


ESE provides technical support for economic, contractual and legal matters.


Economic advisory

We support investors in the financial and economic assessment of energy generation and storage projects, including review and assessment of technical and performance basics, capex/opex assessment, sensitivities, analysis of pricing and market forecasts.


Contractual advisory

We provide technical support for the definition of multiple kinds of contracts in the energy industry: construction (EPC or otherwise), equipment procurement, operation and maintenance (O&M and LTSA), energy sale (PPA, capacity contracts).


Legal advisory

We provide our customers technical expertise for disputes as a party advisor or third party, including the identification of and study of the case, identification of evidence and recommendation of course of action.