Performance tests for the revamping of Cassano d’Adda CCPP (750 MW)

ESE and CESI have been requested by A2A to supervise as a third party the performance tests required for the revamping of A2A’s Cassano d’Adda Combined Cycle Power Plant (750 MW). Revamping includes important interventions on the Gas Turbines (GE-9E) and the Steam Turbine, to increase the capacity and the efficiency of the Power Plant.

ESE and CESI verified the consistency of the procedures with the contractual obligations, the reference standards and the plant configuration. The scope of work also includes the analysis of the instrumentation calibration certificates, the correct identification of the thermal cycle insulation points, the supervision of the tests and the verification of the final report.

Several performance tests have been conducted: base load, 70%-part load and N2 packing leakage test. The last one has the purpose of determining the steam which leaks from the first stage of the HP turbine to the IP turbine bowl along the N2 shaft packing and the IP turbine section corrected efficiency.

In addition, a model of the plant has been built with the modelling software Thermoflex, to recalculate the correction curves issued by the Contractor.

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