What we do


ESE has a long CSP experience on all types of technologies for the design of power block, thermal storage, solar field and receiver systems. ESE has been involved by BrightSource for the development of their direct steam tower technology, designing and following the manufacturing of the pilot steam receiver. While continuing the collaboration with BrightSource, ESE started working with ABB for direct steam Fresnel technology and Alstom for the development of Molten Salt CSP.

Over the last few years, we have been studying molten salt as a thermal energy storage medium in conventional plants and innovative technology solutions at R&D level.

Some projects:


  • California– 50 MWth innovative Central Receivers
  • Factory CSP (Turkey) – 5 MWth industrial steam CSP Plant
  • MINOS CSP Plant (Greece) – 50 MW Molten Salt and Steam Tower Plant

Other sectors