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In the Italian National Integrated Plan for Energy and Climate (PNIEC), energy storage is identified as a critical element in enhancing the renewable energy sector for stabilizing the grid and ensuring a steady supply of electricity from intermittent resources like solar and wind.

Terna, the Italian transmission system operator (TSO), plays a pivotal role in the development of energy storage in Italy through its innovative auction mechanisms, which facilitate the participation of various energy storage solutions, including battery storage, pumped hydro storage, and others.


In this context, ESE is able to support developers wishing to participate to the Conventional Capacity Market auctions and Storage Capacity Market auctions, with the following activities:

  • Conducting feasibility studies, providing costs estimates, and preparing preliminary technical documentation for permit applications
  • Assisting during the permitting process
  • Development of the engineering design (as EPC or EPCM)
  • Acting as Project Manager, including supervision and control during construction


Since 2012, ESE has gained significant expertise in the study and development of a wide range of energy storage solutions, for thermal and electric applications. We cover, among others:

  • BESS Electricity storage systems (Li-Ion, NaS,…)
  • High temperature thermal storage systems based on molten salt technology
  • Low temperature thermal energy storage systems such as water and steam accumulation, concrete-based thermal storage
  • Compressed air and pumped hydro storage systems

Some of the most recent references:


  • Documentation for permit application for two (2) 100MW/400MWh BESS plants. Conceptual design, equipment data-sheets, HV connection, cable routing design, civil preliminary design documentation. – ongoing

Client/ Country: SHPERA / Italy


  • Owner’s Engineering services for three (3) BESS projects in South Africa for a total of more than 300 MWh. Conceptual design, tender specification, offer analysis and alignment, bidder’s selection and negotiation for a South African client.

Client/ Country: Red Rocket / South Africa


  • Owner’s Engineering services for five (5) BESS projects in Italy for a total of more than 1 GWh. Conceptual design, tender specification, offer analysis and alignment, bidder’s selection and negotiation for an Italian client.

Client/ Country: EP Produzione / Italy


  • 100 MW Storage assessment, comparing concrete-based and molten salt based thermal energy storage systems, in terms of performance, CapEx and OpEx. The system is installed in a cogeneration power plant.

Client/ Country: undisclosed

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