What we do


ESE is able to support the study and installation of all kinds of energy storage solutions (batteries, thermal storage, pumped hydro, compressed air…) for thermal and electric applications.

We can support during feasibility study, conception, engineering, design review and construction supervision, assisting the client from the initial sizing and choice of the storage technology to commercial operation, including interfacing the storage system with the grid and electrical or process system of the served plant.

We cover, among others:

  • BESS Electricity storage systems(Li-Ion, NaS…)
  • High temperature thermal storage systems based on molten salt technology
  • Low temperature thermal energy storage systems such as water and steam accumulation, concrete-based thermal storage
  • Compressed air and pumped hydro storage systems

Some projects:


  • Alon Tavor (Israel) – 200 MW/400 MWh Storage (technology selection)
  • Four Italian Sites (Italy) – 10 MW/60 MWh to 100 MW/200 MWh BESS
  • Thermal storage assessment (Italy) – 80 MW/240 MWh Thermal storage (steam production)

Other sectors