What we do


ESE, with over thirty years of experience in the constantly evolving energy sector, began its involvement in hydrogen projects in 2018 to address the challenges of the energy transition.

Since then, ESE has engaged in various activities related to hydrogen plants ranging from 150 kW to 1.5 GW across several sectors:

  • Industrial decarbonization (hard to abate)
  • Transportation (hydrogen refueling stations)
  • Energy production and storage
  • Production of hydrogen and ammonia for export


Today, ESE operates as a System Engineer, overseeing the entire design of the green hydrogen production plant around the electrolyzer, supporting its Clients from the conceptual to realization phase with the following activities:

  • Conducting feasibility studies, providing costs estimates, and preparing preliminary technical documentation for permit applications
  • Assisting during the permitting process
  • Development of the engineering design (as EPC or EPCM)
  • Acting as Project Manager, including supervision and control during construction


Simultaneously, ESE has developed proprietary software for the optimization of the use of the renewable plants feeding the electrolyzers and for the sizing of the hydrogen production and storage plant. The aim is to minimize the costs and improve the efficiency of the process.

Some of the most recent references:

  • Conceptual design of the fuel supply line and BOP equipment modifications required for the H2 conversion of two combined cycle power plants for 25%, 42% and 100% H2 integration.

Client/ Country/Sector: Ansaldo / England / Energy


  • Basic design and economic assessment of a 1 MW Hydrogen production plant and the renewable plants used to power it (2.3 MW solar PV + 1 MW wind) for a glass industry

Client/ Country/Sector: Sisecam SpA / Italy / Industry


  • Basic design and economic assessment of a 1 MW Hydrogen production plant and the renewable plants used to power it (600 kW solar PV + 2 MW wind).

Client/ Country/Sector: Hope srl / Italy / Industry


  • Pre-feasibility study for a 1.5 GW green hydrogen and ammonia production project in South Africa, pre-design of the needed RE (2.5 GW PV and 0.5 GW Wind) and transport system to the port located at 120 km of distance.

Client/ Country/Sector: undisclosed / South Africa / Energy, transport, industry


  • Technical documentation and economic assessment for the EIA for a 600 MW Green H2 Production Plant fed by a 1.1 GW Wind Farm, as part of the Owner’s Engineering activity.

Client/ Country/Sector: Hope srl / Italy / Energy, transport, industry

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