What we do


ESE is involved in electrolysis plants since 2018, having worked on an important feasibility study of an 80 MW plant for one of the main Italian energy companies.

We can provide complete support for the development of a green hydrogen production plant, from the design to its realization. The partnership with Stream guarantees all kinds of consultancy on the renewable energy production, from the technical to authorization and financial side.

ESE has developed its own software for the optimization of the use of the renewable plants feeding the electrolyzers and for the sizing of the hydrogen production and storage plant. The aim is to minimize the costs and improve the efficiency of the process for the benefit of the environment.

Some projects:


  • Melfi (Italy) – 120 MW PV/Wind + Green Hydrogen Project
  • Lombardia (Italy) – 80 MW CCGT coupled Electrolyzer Project
  • Friuli (Italy) – 35MWthNatural gas + Hydrogen Mixer

Other sectors