What we do


ESE has developed an internal business unit devoted to PV and floating PV, delivering works from small to utility scale, with project sizes of up to 400 MW.

Jointly with Consorzio STREAM, we have gained international experience in the development of different solutions: rooftop and ground-mounted, with the adoption of tracking systems or with the coupling to electrical storage.

We are able to cover the full spectrum of services, from the preliminary design, assistance for permits and authorization procedures, detailed design, and up to construction supervision and commissioning.


Floating PV

We have developed a Floating PV solution. Combining the experience at energy production plants with our partners’ experience on floating structures, the project scope is to bring flexibility and alternatives for power production to owners of unused water bodies, such as flooded quarries and hydropower dams.

This system can limit water evaporation up to 70%, and the energy efficiency increases up to 15% thanks to the natural cooling of the panels. Moreover, it can be easily coupled to irrigation pumps.

We can provide the same services as for a conventional PV plant.

Some of the most recent references:


  • Feasibility study of a 19 MWp Floating PV plant on Fanaco Lake, owned by Siciliacque S.p.A (managing the Sicilian water network). ESE has performed the preliminary electrical design and energy production simulation, cost estimation and configuration layout in order to evaluate the economic potential of such configuration, while reducing the water evaporation of the basin.

Client/Country: Siciliacque S.p.A. /Italy


  • Design of a 400 MW ground mounted PV in Sweden, including a BESS system (50 MW/100 MWh), aimed at obtaining permits for construction. ESE has performed several activities, among which: design and layout of the PV plant and electrical BOP (panels, roads, cableways), preliminary energy yield calculation, preliminary estimation of new civil works quantities.

Client/Country: Ilmata Solar /Sweden


  • Complete design, installation and commissioning of 9 MW total roof-mounted PV in Italy. The project has been performed in partnership with Consorzio STREAM, which performed the complete design, installation and commissioning of the Plants. ESE has taken care of the project management and supervision during construction.

Client/Country: Feralpi Group / Italy

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